Supported Films

The combined power of technology and creativity have helped turn the film industry on its edge.

Modern, portable equipment provide directors opportunities to use guerilla film techniques for dramatically capturing real-life events and thought-provoking scripted scenes. Computers and software allow editors to enhance their projects inexpensively with CGI and audio effects. Digital media and unlimited file streaming have opened new distribution markets with positive revenue streams. And social media has brought many types of crowd source funding to allow freedom in producing and completing unique and diverse projects. The power has truly shifted!

Ready or Not Films support the spirit of independent filmmakers during their quest in creating new, entertaining and informative films. In an attempt to increase the synergistic efforts of this artistic movement, the creative gang here have decided to use this internet forum to promote the unfinished and finished works of other young and talented artists. We plan to include trailers of new and promising films on our web site that are being promoted for funding on the Internet. These projects are creative works that we viewed and admired because they distinctively illustrate to the world that an extraordinary person or group with an idea and camera should be able to tell his or her story in their narrative format!

For some of the projects, we became intimately involved. On others, we were not directly affiliated, but we pitched in with either funding contributions, referrals, equipment usage, and at times, late-night words of encouragement. In placing the trailers on our forum, we aim to generate additional support for these projects by providing a little bit of what my first-year film professor called "free viral amplification". Any credit, spoils and successes that result from this "digital hook-up" are all granted to the creators. It's not our objective to profit or stake claim to any of their hard work. We just want to bask in the glory of helping make a more progressive system of filmmaking for everyone. Enjoy and represent the cause!

Ready or Not .... Here we come.